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Technology, Media & Telecom

At AUJ LAWYERS LLP, we specialize in providing comprehensive legal services tailored to the dynamic fields of technology, media and telecommunications. Located in Lahore, Pakistan, our firm understands the unique challenges and opportunities presented by these fast-evolving sectors. We offer expert legal guidance to help clients innovate, protect their assets, and navigate the regulatory landscapes effectively. Our technology, media and telecom services Include:

Technology Law: Drafting and negotiating software license agreements, IT service contracts, and development agreements. Assisting clients in complying with data protection laws, including GDPR compliance for those operating internationally. Advising on legal issues related to online business operations, including consumer protection, digital marketing, and online payment systems.

Media Law: Negotiating and drafting agreements for the use and distribution of multimedia content across various platforms. Providing strategies and legal assistance to manage reputation issues and respond to defamation claims. Ensuring compliance with broadcasting and advertising regulations, and representing clients in dealings with regulatory authorities.

Telecommunications Law: Advising on legal matters related to the development, installation, and management of telecommunications infrastructure. Navigating complex regulatory frameworks governing telecommunications, including licensing and operational compliance. Assisting with the legal aspects of M&A activities within the telecom sector, including due diligence and transaction structuring.

Intellectual Property in TMT: Developing strategies to protect intellectual property in tech innovations, media content, and telecom patents. Defending intellectual property rights in the technology, media, and telecom sectors against infringement and unauthorized use. Facilitating the transfer and commercialization of technology through licensing agreements and partnerships.

Cybersecurity and Cyber Law: Advising on compliance with cybersecurity regulations and best practices to protect sensitive data and systems. Providing legal support in the event of cyber incidents, including data breaches and cyber-attacks. Coordinating with digital forensics experts to support investigations and legal actions related to cyber crimes.

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