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Comprehensive Arbitration Services

At AUJ LAWYERS LLP, we provide comprehensive arbitration services aimed at resolving disputes efficiently outside the courtroom. Our dedicated team of arbitration lawyers combines extensive legal expertise with a deep understanding of various industries to offer tailored solutions that protect our clients' interests. Our arbitration services include:

Commercial Arbitration: We handle all types of commercial disputes, including those related to contracts, business transactions, partnerships, and corporate governance. Our approach is to secure a resolution that aligns with our client’s strategic goals, minimizing disruption to their operations.

International Arbitration: Our expertise extends beyond local disputes. We represent clients in international arbitrations under various institutional rules such as ICC, LCIA, and UNCITRAL, ensuring their rights are upheld in cross-border commercial conflicts.

Construction Arbitration: We specialize in disputes related to construction and engineering projects. Our team advises on claims for time extensions, cost overruns, quality issues, and other project-related disputes.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Besides traditional arbitration, we offer mediation and conciliation services as part of our ADR practice. We aim to facilitate a mutually agreeable outcome, saving time and legal expenses for our clients.

Arbitration Advisory: We provide strategic advice on drafting arbitration clauses in contracts and assist in the formation of effective dispute resolution strategies. Our goal is to empower clients with proactive measures to prevent potential disputes.

Representation in Arbitral Proceedings: Our lawyers are skilled in representing clients throughout the arbitration process, from preliminary hearings to post-arbitration appeals. We focus on crafting compelling cases to maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

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