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Comprehensive Litigation Services

At AUJ LAWYERS LLP, we are committed to delivering robust litigation solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Located in Lahore, Pakistan, our firm is equipped with a team of seasoned litigators who bring a strategic and assertive approach to resolving disputes across a broad spectrum of legal areas. Whether you are facing a civil litigation issue, a commercial dispute, or require representation in specialized courts, we are prepared to defend your interests vigorously and effectively. Our litigation services include:

Civil Litigation: Expert legal representation in disputes arising from breach of contracts, service agreements, and other binding agreements. Handling cases related to property rights, title disputes, boundary disputes, and other real estate issues.

Commercial Litigation: Offering solutions for all types of business conflicts, including partnership disputes, shareholder issues, and corporate governance conflicts. Efficiently managing the process of debt recovery for businesses, from negotiation to litigation. Defending your intellectual property rights against infringement and handling complex IP litigation cases.

Employment Litigation: Addressing issues related to employment contracts, employee rights, wrongful termination, and discrimination cases. Ensuring that your business adheres to all local labor laws and regulations, providing defense in cases of alleged non-compliance.

Family Law: Skilled representation in divorce proceedings, custody battles, and matrimonial disputes. Negotiating and litigating for fair settlement in matters of spousal and child support.

Administrative and Regulatory Law: Assisting with the procurement of necessary government licenses and permits, and litigation when disputes arise. Representing clients in front of regulatory bodies for compliance issues and disputes.

Arbitration and Mediation: Providing mediation and arbitration services to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom, saving time and reducing litigation costs.

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