Our Expertise

Our lawyers are as familiar with arbitration under all rules as with litigation. They settle disputes for clients in the most appropriate manner, whether by mediation, adjudication or expert determination...more

Leading banks, lenders, sponsors and borrowers rely on our outstanding ability in handling financial transactions across every industry, commercial, financial, public and private sectors...more

Many institutions and corporate entities rely on our securities law services. The firm is at the forefront of the most complex and innovative issues in the capital markets...more

Our dedicated competition lawyers work to understand the national policy concerns that shape competition policy and maintain strong relationships with authorities and enforcement agencies...more

Our corporate practice is extremely well settled and has transactional experience in multiple service sectors. This extensive expertise allow us to deliver exceptional service to a wide range of clients...more

The firm’s cutting-edge advice on day-today issues includes contracts and terminations, recruitment and retention, employee transfers, discrimination dismissal, health, safety and employees’ immigration...more

Our family law practice deals sophisticated family law issues diligently with personalized attention, being fully cognizant of emotional trauma attached with all family problems...more

We are one of the few firms having technical expertise, regulatory experience, commercial acumen and global perspective to manage environmental risk and smooth transactional undertakings for clients...more

Our clients rely on us to guide them through the changes that continue to affect the insurance industry, so they can overcome the issues they face and take advantage of the opportunities...more

The firm advise on IP enforcement strategies for clients and defend their IP rights vigorously. We maximize the commercial value of clients’ IP assets and wards off unwelcome claims from third parties...more

The firm’s primary aim is to avoid litigation wherever possible. When litigation is unavoidable, we focus on the commercial objectives of clients, while assessing legal, commercial and reputational risks...more

We specialize in providing legal services to large scale,  and market-leading projects. Our broad knowledge base enable us to anticipate issues and problems that may arise during the course of a project...more

We advise on existing and prospective legislation as well as on the rules of regulatory organizations. Our services guide clients through all stages of the company life cycle and its jurisdictional regulatory requirements...more

Buying and selling real estate for investment purposes has become more complex and is often structured in a complex fashion. Leading clients choose us to advice on most complex real estate transactions...more

Leading telecom customers depend on our commercial and innovative advice, which helps them to achieve their commercial aims and also to develop strategies and programs for managing legal and regulatory risks...more

The firm integrate innovative tax structuring expertise with the highest quality advisory skills and litigation services to give clients a comprehensive tax service experience...more

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