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Complete Capital Markets Services

At AUJ LAWYERS LLP, we offer specialized legal services tailored to the needs of the capital markets sector. Our team of experienced capital markets lawyers provides insightful advice and robust representation to issuers, underwriters, investment banks, and other market participants involved in equity and debt transactions. Our capital markets services include:

IPOs and Public Offerings: We guide clients through the complexities of initial public offerings and follow-on public offerings, handling everything from due diligence and document preparation to compliance with securities regulations and post-listing obligations.

Debt Offerings: Our services cover the full spectrum of debt instruments, including bonds, debentures, and convertible securities. We assist in structuring deals, drafting prospectuses, negotiating terms, and navigating regulatory approvals.

Private Placements and Venture Capital: We help clients in raising capital through private placements and venture capital investments, providing strategic advice on structuring deals, preparing offering documents, and negotiating investment agreements.

Securities Regulation Compliance: Our experts ensure that clients fully comply with securities laws and regulations. We offer ongoing counsel on disclosure obligations, corporate governance, and compliance with the rules of securities exchanges.

Corporate Governance: We provide advice on best practices in corporate governance to enhance transparency and accountability, ensuring that our clients meet both their legal obligations and shareholder expectations.

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