April 19, 2016


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AUJ is capable of handling the most challenging banking litigation and financing transactions. Conventional and Islamic bank financing, from straightforward bilateral facilities to complex syndicated financing, and regulatory advice are other key elements of the firm’s banking practice.

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Clients come to us for expert, commercial advice on their most complex competition matters. Our competition law expertise covers merger control, cartels, competition litigation, market and sector investigations, and abuse of dominant position etc.

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The firm’s corporate practice has experience in multiple service sectors and industries. This extensive expertise allows us to deliver exceptional service to a wide range of clients. In addition to our technical expertise, clients rely on our sector knowledge and commercial advice.

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Employment & Incentives

Our knowledge base allows the firm to advise leading companies and financial institutions on employment issues and legal requirements. The firm’s cutting-edge advice on day-to-day issues includes contracts and terminations, recruitment and retention, and employee transfers etc.

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Clients rely on the firm’s understanding of environmental laws and cutting-edge expertise in environment issues. We are one of the few firms with the required combination of technical expertise, regulatory experience, and commercial acumen to manage environmental risk for our clients.

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The family law practice of our firm deals all family law issues diligently with personalized attention, being fully cognizant of emotional trauma of family problems. We comprehensively provide litigation services for all family matters be it divorce, child custody, maintenance and enforcement of conjugal rights.

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Our clients rely on us to guide them through the changes that continue to affect the insurance industry, so they can overcome the issues they face and take advantage of the opportunities. We offer comprehensive legal advice to leading institutions and insurers on their biggest and most complex transactions.

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Intellectual Property

We work closely with leading multinational companies to enforce and exploit their intellectual property rights. The firm advises on IP enforcement strategies for clients and defends their IP rights vigorously where necessary. Clients depend on our experience in major IP litigation cases.

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Litigation & Arbitration

Our primary aim is to help individual clients, multinationals and financial institutions, to avoid litigation wherever possible. When litigation is unavoidable, we focus on commercial objectives of clients, while assessing legal, commercial, reputational risk and settle disputes for them in the most appropriate manner.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions is a particular specialization, involving the co-ordination of expert professionals. We have witnessed many of the most challenging, high profile and significant transactions of recent years. Therefore, clients often rely on our market and sector knowledge and commercial advice.


We specialize in providing legal services to large scale projects covering oil and gas, petrochemicals, LNG, thermal power, nuclear, water and waste, mining, airports, roads and bridges, ports, telecoms, and rail related transactions. Our broad knowledge base allows us to anticipate and find constructive solutions to project issues and problems.

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Public & Admin Law

Public & administrative law is a crucial offering at our firm. Our specialists have developed expertise in major innovative and complex transactions and have thus become central to the provision of advice. Our advice is integrated with that of our other practices to act on strategic deals where public & administrative law is a key element.

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Real Estate

Buying and selling real estate for investment purposes has become more complex and is often structured in a complex fashion now-a-days. Leading investors, developers, occupiers and financial institutions choose us to advice on their largest and most complex real estate transactions and disputes.

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We advice clients on existing and prospective legislation as well as on the rules of regulators. We guide clients through all stages of the company life cycle and its regulatory requirements. Our knowledge of existing requirements and wealth of regulatory knowledge greatly benefit our clients.

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We integrate innovative tax structuring expertise with the highest quality advisory skills to give clients a comprehensive tax service. The firm provides comprehensive tax litigation services and makes representation before the tax authorities, tribunals, and appellate courts.

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Leading technology, media & telecommunications customers and suppliers depend on our commercial and innovative legal advice. Our TMT practice helps clients to achieve their commercial aims and develop strategies and programmes for adequately managing legal and regulatory risks.