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We provide full range of high quality legal services to individuals, local businesses, international organizations and institutions. Our legal services include advisory work, consultancy, mediation, arbitration and litigation services in the areas of civil law, corporate law, constitutional law, and criminal law.
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Civil Law

We have been providing legal services in all domains of civil law be it a property dispute, inheritance claim, contractual issue, family law problem, landlord and tenant relationship, and other matters wherein rights and duties of persons among themselves is involved.

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Corporate Law

We are expert in corporate and commercial law and provide broad spectrum of legal services in respect of corporate transactions, merger and acquisitions, banking, competition, securities and other commercial transactions involving corporate entities.

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Constitutional Law

We provide legal services to invoke writ jurisdiction of the High Courts in terms of civil law matters, corporate & commercial law matters, criminal matters, services, election and other legal matters to safeguard and enforce rights of citizens guaranteed under the Constitution.

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Criminal Law

We offer professional legal services for criminal trials, bail matters, and appellate work before the magisterial and sessions courts, national accountability bureau court, anti-corruption court, banking offences court, specialized courts & tribunals, and Lahore high court.

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About Us

We are a full service law firm, providing cutting edge legal services in diverse practice areas to multiple business sectors. Our legal services include enterprise level services especially tailored for large organizations having operational span in multiple cities, services for small and medium entrepreneurs, and personalized legal solutions for individual and startup businesses.
Our aim is to provide best possible advice and service to our clients in an efficient, cost-effective and practical manner.

We have successfully provided legal services to a variety of domestic and international clients, corporations, financial entities and government agencies. We focus on specific needs of corporate and individual clients and workout best legal solutions for them.

Our legal services are blended with best management practices for making working with us a best service experience.

Our clients benefit not only from some of the best legal minds, but the best business minds too: advocates who are intimately familiar with the business environment, and know the emerging risks and opportunities of their industries and practice groups.

Our clients benefit from the specialized expertise of individual advocates as well as the collective capabilities of our teams who thrive on putting their minds and expertise together to come up with creative, cost-effective and positive resolutions.

We work with clients by an approach to strengthen their business and offer them forward-thinking, long-term legal solutions.

  • Practice Areas: Civil Law, Corporate Law, Constitutional Law & Criminal Law

  • Practice Areas: Civil Law, Corporate Law, & Constitutional Law

  • Practice Areas: Civil Law & Corporate Law

  • Practice Areas: Civil Law, Corporate Law, Constitutional Law & Criminal Law


Assad Ullah Jaral

Advocate High Court/Managing Partner
Mr. Assad is a practicing lawyer with over a decade of professional standing and hands on experience of corporate & commercial counseling, litigation, arbitration, legislative & regulatory affairs. His experience portfolio is substantial and diverse in both contentious and non-contentious matters.

Tamoor Afzal

Advocate High Court
Mr. Tamoor is an advocate of the High Courts. He has been practicing law before the Courts of Sessions, Civil Court, Magisterial Courts, High Courts, and Banking Courts. He is a skillful draftsman of complex agreements and commercial transactions, and is gifted with great analytical skills.

Tahir Younas Wain

Advocate High Court
Mr. Tahir is an advocate of the High Courts. He did his law graduation from University of the Punjab and started his legal career from ABS & Co. He is currently looking after civil and criminal litigation of the firm and handles legal issues regarding financial/corporate transactions.


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