April 20, 2016


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Our legal expertise in automotive sector is of immense value for the industry. Running businesses becomes more expensive and making alliances and joint ventures are likely in the future. Such alliances require careful consideration of relevant legal issues for which we provide comprehensive legal solutions.

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Banking is a highly regulated sector and fundamental reforms are now being designed and implemented in it. The market landscape continues to evolve and we work with banks and provide them full scope of legal services, ranging from complex strategic activity, financial transactions and recovery matters.

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Energy & Utilities

The energy and utilities sector is under increasing scrutiny, intense competitive pressure, and companies are seeking ever more innovative and practical advice from counsels. We provide such insightful legal advice to companies enabling them to explore true potential of the sector.

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Food & Beverages

We provide legal advice on the most complex corporate M&A, corporate reorganizations, competition issues, tax, IP, equity and debt financing, and joint ventures in the food & beverages sector. Our understanding of commercial and competitive pressures is fundamental to our success in the sector.

Forestry & Packaging

The pulp and paper industry is a cyclical industry with relatively high earnings volatility and which is affected by changes in product prices and capacity utilization rates. We can advise forestry, paper and packaging companies on corporate M&A, restructuring, banking and finance and competition laws.

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It is a complex sector, in which companies operate under high levels of regulatory scrutiny. Multi-national pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, medical device producers, and healthcare companies can rely on our legal advice in a variety of practice areas.

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We advise and support industrial clients wherever they do business. The firm’s combined excellence, combined with an outstanding record makes it a trusted legal adviser. The firm’s commercial understanding and industry awareness brings another dimension to our legal advice.

Go to Infrastructure


Our infrastructure and construction legal experts can advise on most complex infrastructure work in the public and private sectors. Clients need to innovate and find new ways to invest in infrastructure and we help them by providing legal guidance and regulator procedures insight.

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Our clients can rely to guide them through the changes that continue to affect the insurance industry, so they can overcome the issues they face and take advantage of the opportunities. They gain the benefit of expert advice from specialists in corporate insurance, M&A, litigation, employment and regulatory matters.

IT & Business Services

The IT and business services sector includes professional service firms, HR services, and technology companies. Clients can benefit from our legal expertise which addresses key issues for large professional services firms, in particular IT outsourcing, data privacy and information governance.

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Media & Leisure

The media sector covers publishing, music, film, television, advertising and radio and the leisure sector covers hotels, travel, and restaurants which work closely with our practice specialists. Digital technology and convergence will continue to influence new investments and requiring legal advice in the sector.

Go to Mining


The mining sector involves the exploration and extraction of natural resources (from iron ore, coal and base metals to uranium, precious metals & minerals and gemstones) for use in the industrial sector. The mining companies can benefit from our legal expertise in structuring and executing mining deals in Pakistan.

Go to Real Estate

Real Estate

In the real estate sector, you need advisers who understand the different tools and techniques required to balance risk and reward. Our legal specialists do understand them, so we can help our clients to create value, share risk, enhance returns and mitigate tax costs by using innovative legal solutions.


Food retailers, metros, supermarkets, household and personal care companies, electronic consumer goods companies, luxury retailers and internet providers can trust our strategic legal advice on their most challenging issues. We offer comprehensive legal services and advice in the retail sector.

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The telecoms sector involves a wide variety of players, including providers of fixed line, mobile, cable, satellite, other infrastructure services and ISPs. We provide full range of legal services to telecom clients and has exceptional insight regarding the commercial and regulatory environment.

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Transport & Logistics

We provide legal services to clients in the transport and logistics sector comprising of aviation, shipping, rail, freight & postal businesses and has exceptional insight into the complexities of the commercial and regulatory environment in which transport and logistics companies operate.