Requirements of Private Limited Company

Requirements of Private Limited Company Corporate Corporate Law Knowledge – Corporate Law Solutions - Corporate Law The private limited company, once incorporated, has to comply with the requirements of Company Law. The basis compliance requirements of private limited company are as under:

Directors of every company are required to appoint the first chief executive not later than fifteen days from the date of incorporation and thereafter within fourteen days from the date of election;

The first auditor is required to be appointed by the directors within sixty days from the date of incorporation and thereafter in each Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of the company;

Any appointment, election or change in the Directors, Chief Executive, Auditors, Chief Accountant, Legal Adviser etc is required to be notified to the registrar concerned on Form ’29’ within 14 days of the said election, appointment or change;

A company is required to notify the change in its registered office on Form-21 within 28 days from the date of change;

First AGM of the company is required to be held within eighteen months from the date of incorporation and subsequent AGM are required to be held once at least in every calendar year, within a period of four months following the close of its financial year and not more than fifteen months after holding of its last preceding AGM;

Annual return on prescribed form as applicable is required to be filed with the registrar concerned once in each year made as on the date of AGM, where no such meeting is held, on the last day of the calendar year;

In case of increase in paid-up capital, the company is required to offer new shares to the existing shareholders and the offer is required to be accompanied by a circular issued under section 86(3) to all the shareholders strictly in proportion to the shares held by them and, on the allotment of shares, return of allotment on Form ‘3’ is required to be filed with registrar concerned within 30 days from the date of allotment of shares; and

Particulars of every mortgage or charge created by the company on its property or undertaking and every modification therein or satisfaction thereof are required to be filed and registered with the registrar concerned within 21 days after the date of its creation, modification or satisfaction.

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